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I post this because because, I lost 1000 bucks in it few weeks back., still waiting for refund.I don't know how to show my frustrations...

An Angry Indian(Sometimes it is me) writes to " Whom so ever it may concern " and to our beloved Indian Railways , IRCTC teams along with their excellent colleagues - the bankers for refunding the failed transactions as soon as possible..

Dear Unknown,
I believe Indian Railways employs more or less to a sum of 1.55 million strong work force and there are plenty of facts displaying the pride , joy of Indian railways available over the web/news.
It's fine to read and write a fact which soothes an organization, real facts which often reflects the truth are hidden and obviously they will not provide a "soothing effect."

Indian population, which grows as drastically as our inflation and alike our political scams, finds it hard to travel from a place to another.Which provides an opportunity to raise a question, "Our country has Right to constitutional remedies, So I ask , do we have the freedom to travel :P or a freedom to book a ticket ;) ???" Hell NO :( .

I personally prefer Rail route than troubling roadways, i was there in Integral coach factory for my In-plant visit. Trainers portrayed the positives of Indian railways and most of them are true.
Indians prefer Railways than any other transport ways, especially middle class families are in damn dependent on Indian railways.

Middle class people reflects half the population, so railways has the responsibility to satisfy customers and to give them a happy voyage but in reality INDIAN RAILWAYS NUMB on dealing Indians.

Example you ask ?
Kindly ask our Indian Railway minister(am not sure who holds it, it changes day in day out) to book a tatkal ticket particularly on Saturday morning, i have my premonitions.

1) Our honorable minister may go BERSERK while booking tickets (kindly arrange an ambulance in advance) 
2) High chances are there for Mid polls on his/her constituency, am sure he will not be there to witness it.
3) If he starts walking to his destination while opening the IRCTC site, chances are high for him to reach his destination before the site loads its page.

You can find thousands of funny posters displaying the plight of people while booking a tatkal ticket.I will vent my anger through Facebook status and with my friends, but the situation has never changed.

1) Please BAN the low speed IRCTC web site and cancel all e-tickets, i-tickets services from that server.

2) Give young souls a sponsored training on Web designing and web management, bright minds can find a solution to avoid this mess, technology grows in the same phase as our population. India has capability to solve this simple problem of dealing web traffic.

3) Hand over the web site to private players, they can do lot better than present way.

Above all, Kindly please don't steal in the name of booking charge, in reality you must give us compensation for wasting our time and increasing our blood pressure while booking tickets.

Understand your responsibility and act accordingly, if you are asking me whether i'm too perfect to point or whether i'm a web developer ?
I'm none, i am a common who wants to book a ticket and to travel and to solve my priorities.
I don't wanna loose some moments and chances just because of your DUMB website.

Apart from all, if i was asked to judge and provide WORLD'S WORST WEBSITE AWARD, without a second thought I am glad to crown IRCTC website with WORLD'S WORST WEBSITE AWARD along with it's excellent colleagues - the bankers for refunding the failed transactions as soon as possible.
Even Donkey  runs faster than IRCTC grown Horse

And another funny instance, SAVE PAPERS movement right ? we don't need to take printouts and waste papers. well good initiative.
I have wasted 1 hour in front of my monitor, waiting for IRCTC to load, Please help us to save electricity by altering your site, so that i don't need to waste electricity by waiting for your site to load.

Help us to SAVE ELECTRICITY and to avoid being B.P patient !!!
Thank you.

Your's authentically,
IRCTC's Most Failed customer.  

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