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Hybrid Power Generator

Every innovations starts from a simple day to day life problem  like you watching IPL in TV and suddenly the current shuts off, fortunately you will find another way to watch the match via mobile network. Similarly,
I too had faced a problem of  frequent drains in mobile battery while travelling somewhere in bus or while walking on the endless roads to our destination during hot sunny day.

feedback oscillator circuit 5v amplifier
feedback amp ckt
eco friendly wind solar powered power generator
A block diagram

Finally,I came up with an idea of utilizing the negative energies around to positive energies for my use.Absolutely now,I have got an idea, but,where to start with??Even, I didn't have enough knowledge to keep the name for my idea.I think you already know that.There are many innovative projects on wind powered mobile charger which looks huge enough to produce 5vdc but they weighs more  and bulky.Ok. Right back to our topic, I gathered some information from them for my project and started with a basic 12 volt DC motor. I used it to generate power for my mobile phones..and it ended up with failure.Then I used an feedback amplifier circuit but it was so huge enough that if everyone uses my project in a train, then the train have to move with a greater effort..

Then got an idea!!!
A Multisource Pocket Generator(MPG)
A Multisource Pocket Generator(MPG) is a portable and constant power source that can be utilized anywhere around the world. The world is in demand of proper utilization of renewable sources owing to frequent power failure. The MPG is the best choice of interest for the utilization of alternate energies ,facilitated with high portability.

Now my aim is to construct a portable power source that depends on renewable energies with efficient utilization of available resources. The MPG receives energy from renewable resources like wind or solar energy and convert it into an electrical energy with output 5 DCvolt .In the absence of any of the above renewable sources, the 5 V MPG can be used with a single 1.5 volt battery to produce 5V DC output. The problem of bulkiness, armature reaction in mini-wind generator and irregular availability of renewable sources are recovered by using our methodologies.To reduce the size of my generator without reducing the power output,I have to reduce the power losses and this will be discussed here..
It consists of a power generator ,an amplifier circuit and an output port. The power generator may be a wind sourcing DC generator(range may be 1 v to 3 v) or a solar cell of dimension(4cm x 2cm) owing to portability or compatibility .The amplifier circuit amplifies the produces current to 5V DC. The IC used in this amplifier circuit is Max 756
max 756 amplifier 5v
Implemented ckt

MAX 756:
The MAX756/MAX757 are CMOS step-up DC-DC switching IC for small, low input voltage or battery-powered systems. The MAX756 accepts a positive input voltage down to 0.7V and converts it to a higher pin-selectable output voltage of 3.3V or 5V. The MAX757 is an adjustable version that accepts an input voltage down to 0.7V and generates a higher adjustable output voltage in the range from 2.7V to 5.5V. Typical full-load efficiencies for the MAX756/MAX757 are greater than 87%.

max 756 architecture

The MAX756/MAX757 provide three improvements over transistor devices. Physical size is reduced-the high switching frequencies (up to 0.5MHz) made possible by MOSFET power transistors allow for tiny (< 5mm diameter) surface-mount magnetics. Efficiency is improved to 87% (10% better than with low-voltage regulators fabricated in bipolar technology). The switching frequencies can be improved by using ARM cortex M4 upto 1MHZ.
Waveform Analysis

Regarding the current rating, care has been taken to maintain current value well above 350mAH by using coil oscillator across  LBI(Low battery Input) and LX(Waveform Maintenance) in Max 756.

handy mobile phone charger
model hybrid 5v producer

The problem of bulkiness, armature reaction in mini-wind generator and irregular availability of renewable sources are recovered by using following implementations.

ü  The voltage fluctuation due to the irregular availability of sources can be compensated by using Zener diode regulator(Zener diode used here must be 5.1 volt- 1N4733A) .
ü  The bulkiness are reduces by choosing small DC generator/solar cell of low power rating and then amplifying it to 5V and by cyclically reducing the bandwidth of the ripples by using JK-flip flop clocked by T-flip flop as a counter.
ü  The armature reaction due to the flow of current can be minimized by using brushless generator  with halls sensors.Due to this arrangement ,self induced emf is removed using halls effect.
ü  The efficiency of solar panel can be increased by using concave lenses and by allowing only a high frequency radiation from sun rays to excite all the electrons equally to high level.It can be done by using prism diffraction.Owing to problems in prism installation,we can implement them by using violet transparent sheet.
By using the above methodologies, we have constructed a portable power source utilizing renewable energies. The output of this MPG is highly dependent on wind power, light intensity and battery power. By our field examinations, the following result were observed,

In wind generator mode:
At 35Kmph speed ,It produces 4.7volt and it reaches to stable 5volt at 45kmph.

In solar mode:
             It produces a stable 5volt in the complete exposure of sun light.
In battery mode:
            A 1.5 volt 1500mAH battery can be used to supply 5Volt for 1 hour.

And finally I have completed my project and now it is on the stage..

The MPG we have created can be availed by people at all places to charge their mobile phones, cameras, torch lights, headsets, to power microcontrollers, run servos, etc. This can be carried to anywhere and used at anytime during trekking, travel journey ,forestry visit, and also during emergency period wherever you are in need of a power source. By making some changes in switch, the can be able to supply light energy / battery power to the mini-fan or you can convert a wind energy (at night time) to light obtained by powerful green LED. Thus it is not only a solar powered mobile charger,wind powered mobile charger, it can also be used as a multi purpose pocket generator.The PCB implementation of his model greatly reduces the size to fit in your pocket.

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