Saturday, 28 July 2012

G!! This is 4G

Now, there seems to be good news for all the 2G, 3G and 4G Mobile Internet users, India’s telecom watchdog Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) pronounced 4G to the telecom operators.What do you mean 4G?? Is the answer fourth generation networking technology?It may be almost true,because most of the people says the same to me whenever,I asks them. But it doesn't seems to be ortho.Then what it actually mean!! Let me say...4G is a data connection that your mobile device could use to do things like send and receive emails, browse the internet, play games, download apps and music, videos,etc. The "big deal" about 4G is not only because it's the next step up in terms of speed and technology. True 4G speeds are actually as fast or faster than most Cable internet connections and 3G,2G networks. The implications of having this type of data connection in your pocket, wherever you go, are pretty huge. It changes how we interact with data and devices on an every day basis.For example, My friend have a 4G smartphone that has personal "hot spot" mode. This means he can turn his phone into a 4G hot spot that allows me to use his internet connection in my iPad or laptop with high speed. It's just as fast as my home internet. If you can imagine a world where you can get high-speed internet literally anywhere you're opens the door for lots of cool things.Some of the companies trying 4G mobile communication at 100 Mbps for mobile users and up to 1 Gbps over fixed stations. They planned on publicly launching their first commercial wireless network around pla2010. As far as other competitor’s mobile communication companies working on 4G technology more even quickly. Sprint Nextel was planned to launch WiMAX over 4G broadband mobile network in United States and in our nation,India’s first-ever 4G mobile services was launched by Bharti Airtel in Kolkata .According to latest news, Reliance communication plans to buy 4G bands for 1 billion Dollar and give its customer,4G service for just Rs.10/1GB.  Compared to 3G that allows download speed of up to 21 mbps, 4G allows speed of up to 100 mbps, which is almost five times higher than 3G. Some of the other developed countries like United Kingdom stated a plan to sale via auction of 4G mobile frequencies couple of years back. Experience the end of buffering. Play live multiplayer games, watch seamless streaming video, video chat with your friends and family in high definition and do much more while on the move!

Big Boat
Transmission in 4G

Friday, 20 July 2012

Assassination Of Corruption

Your death is alive, you wander in fear.
You can't escape, as I am nearing you.
When I arrive, I'll make it clear.
You can't be acquitted, don't waste your breath.
I assure ,I will give you,
a daemons death;
I'll come from the shadows of you, I'll come from the clouds.
None will come for you, prepare to die.
With a wail,
Your soul will race.
Perhaps the worst thing about loss,
by the very definition of it,
is unable to share pain;
A finalization on you
Without a trace.
A true assassination on god of corruption.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

God Particles - Higgs bosons

Scientists at CERN,Geneva has found a godly particles called Higgs boson by bombarding two protons nourished by 125 GeV,which was named after a scientist Peter Higgs and boson comes from  Satyendra Nath Bose. It was first mentioned in a paper by Peter Higgs in 1964. The funny thing was that he first wrote a paper in which he had not mentioned this particle at all. He sent it to the journal Physics Letters . The editor of the journal, who was a famous physicist himself, returned the paper saying he should add something about the physical implications of the theory.Then Peter Higgs added a small paragraph about the Higgs particle and sent it to a rival journal, Physical Review Letters, which published it! As the first physicist to have talked about the need for a heavy particle to exist, the Higgs particle later came to be named after him. The reason for the existence of mass for the particles in universe has been revealed through this discovery.Scientists from CERN claimed that Higgs boson are the smallest elementary particle of all with zero spin.But few people  dont agree with scientists at CERN, in Geneva Switzerland about the Higgs Boson (God's Particle). Scientists claim “Higgs boson is not the most elementary particle. Is there anything finite quantity in this world??? I think that they have given up. In labs, this may not be possible, but few yrs down the line ,they will be able to divide it further. As a parallel, consider this. You divide 1 by 2 and get 0.5., Now keep dividing it by 2 many times.. You will tend to get 0, but will never get zero. If you do this on calculator, it may show zero due to limitation of calculator, but the truth 0 is not reached in any case. So, in this case practically one would have found 0 on calculator whereas there is no zero theoretically in this example. Similarly, the higgs boson must be divisible further and so it can't be the elementary particle”. Replying to these tweets  Rolf Heuer, Director of the European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN) put it, ‘As a layman, I think we did it. We’ve a discovery. We’ve observed a new particle that is consistent with the Higgs Boson.’
Important Facts about H.bosons
^Boson from Higgs boson was named after Indian scientist named sathyendra bose

^These particles obey the Bose Einstein Statistics first discovered by Indian physicist Satyendranath Bose. Hence the word ‘boson’.

^It is the theoretical model for explaining how the earth came into existence

^CERN atom/proton smasher alone costs 10 billion USD to construct and run

^It has its significance in cancer theraphy

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