Thursday, 28 June 2012

FUTURE SCIENCE: Birth Of The Super Human

The future science mostly talks about electrical,electronics and other associations with mechanics rather than muscular studies.Say Instrumentation Engineering, if it is limited to only mechanics, we can say it deals with automation and control Engineering.But, if we extend IE to biological ground we would have marked it as medical engineering ,speaking exactly we named it "Cyborg Science".

Could a being without flesh and blood ever be truly alive?
Don't say it as ghost!!It may be a cyborg
1.Cyborg in Military

2.Cyborg in Medical theraphy

3.Cyborg in automations

4.Cyborg patient


Cyborgial Science so far:

The age of cyborgs has arrived. Emerging technology allows the human brain to interact directly with computers and machines – and the science is progressing fast.Body-enhancing technology can also be used to aid healthy humans. ‘Exoskeleton’ suits are being developed in Japan that could give users five times their ordinary strength. It is possible too to inject microchip implants under the skin that allow carriers to light up rooms or open doors with just a wave of the hand.Last month, a woman succeeded in moving a robotic arm using only her mind. Soon we could be using technology to enhance or even replace our muscles, our senses – and perhaps our brains.

How it works?
After watching Spider man - 2 movie, I assumed these devices works on the brain impulse that are received via spinal cord. But, actually, It was not the same. As you know ,All of our body’s processes – from digestion to imagination – are controlled by a network called the ‘nervous system,’ with the brain and spinal cord at its centre, Most of our conscious activities occur mainly in the outer parts of the brain. This means that the electrical impulses for these activities can be located fairly near to the surface.By attaching sensors to our brains, scientists can capture these impulses and transmit them into computer.This sounds simple but, in this case we have to consider millions of neurons from both left and right brain and each has specific motor chemical oscillation.Hence ,the future scientist :P ,must have to crack these signals through the challenging three dimensional network pattern recognition methods.

Conclusion :Is it boon or ban?
Some people believe that this technology would enhance us so dramatically that it would represent a new type of evolution .What ever they say,  Cyborg soldiers with super-strength armoured suits,cyborg organ transplants leading to improving human lifespan,over automotive dependencies ,etc are against nature.Things that we couldnot digest in near future, Cyborg-Destiny of world Don't Forget to hit Like!!(Y) Firstly If you were offered an implant that allows one to download information from your brain to a computer, would you accept it?? ->->->-><->->->->-><->->->->-><->->->->-> Next Come up with three events for a ‘cyborg olympics,’ in which future humans compete using their robot-enhanced bodies and computer -enhanced minds.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Technology that empowers me!!!

Technology That Empowers Me!!!-S.Praga
Read slowly!!I am Identifying you

HTC Wildfire

I chose this topic because ,My phone impressed me this time.It is not just a phone, it is more than that, can we say this phone as a device with artificial intelligence .  Right!! Let us keep a name to it ,as the present world pronounce "Smart Phone" By that, I mean technology which allows me to be more productive in my normal day-to-day activities. I sat for a while thinking about which new-fangled device checks that particular box and eventually settled on the unassuming Smart Phones (also tablet). For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, Smart Phones are essentially mobile computers that have been condensed into handheld, touch screen devices primarily operated by touching the screen rather than the more traditional keyboard interface. Examples include the mighty HTC phones and its rival the Android based HTC Wildfire/Desire/etc series.

In classrooms/board meetings around the world, Smart Phones are fast replacing the humble pen and paper pads with tech-savvy corporate climbers opting to rather tap away on their shiny new phones than scribble incomprehensible notes on an A4 legal pad. There are obvious benefits: for one, you (and more importantly others) can actually read what you’ve written and with most Smart Phones sporting some sort of predictive, auto-corrective text feature i.e., spell check it’s surprisingly fast and easy to take notes. Add to this the ability to display other forms of media when making a presentation (photographs, spread sheets, diagrams, charts) and you can see how Smart Phones have become a prominent feature in most meetings.
At present scenario,Smart Phones are also great for socializing.In fact,I preferred Smart phones only for keeping me active on facebook every time.  With the explosion of social media more and more people use Facebook app for android, Twitter  as platforms to plan,to follow a personality and then document, real world social events. Consider also that a large majority of people use Facebook as their main  means of social interaction, meeting new people, re-connecting with long last school friends, chatting etc and you can see the need for a device that allows people instant access to their respective social media accounts.
After you’re done at work and have had enough of your online friends, Smart Phones are also great for a bit of rest time. Most Smart Phones these days support full HD playback, so users can watch their favorite movies ,video clips from their hand held device and also those who have interest in Photography can do with it. And with e-readers becoming more and more popular, there are virtually millions of book titles available for download(I always prefer Combine this with a host of free games also readily available in android market and you have a full on entertainment system in the palm of your hand.

Look, one could argue that a laptop can do all of the above and more. But, I will say this about Smart Phones: first off, they’re way more portable than even the smallest laptop. Secondly, they’re generally cheaper  and finally, there’s the inherent cool factor to consider on your palm.

I found uIP

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Friday, 15 June 2012

Hiking Senses

A billion can make your hand heavy,
But a billionaire needs a billiard stick to make his hands comfort.
so, A billion weighs nothing more than our cherished circles.

Monday, 11 June 2012

GDP is Disabled

Don't Waste GDP

Already,  we knew India stands second in the world population and we Indians are working hard to beat Chinese record 
at least by one million. Most of us are not aware of where we are wasting our human resources.In America, 12 per cent of the population is counted as disabled, the corresponding percentage in England is 18 and in Germany, nine. In India, government statistics claim it is two per cent.We have low percentage of disabled persons than that of other countries.Polio, which has been completely eradicated from our gene pool. But ,due to the presence of lower number of disabled persons we are neglecting these manpower."Many says disabled persons had done some sins in the past birth. Hence, they are punished by god in this present generation" Whereas ,  other groups of people are doing some sympathy programs to display themself infront of god as a purest persons and thinking of that if they help disabled persons ,they are getting a free pass to heaven". Thus we neglecting considerable power obtained from these humans. We should give them opportunities rather than giving them free foods,shelter,and other aids which minuscule their self confidence level.  The Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan programme and the Right to Education Act say that every child in India is guaranteed an education.But most of the schools are feeling hard to give admission to these persons.Why we are neglecting them? Who made us to see specially talented person in different perspective?Obviously, it is our own lack of thought, application of mind, and maybe of heart.Do we want them to be educated, employed, productive, able to look after themselves and their families, contributing to the growth and wealth of our nation? If we want it,then we simply cannot achieve that without including them in our mainstream education system.Don't avoid disabled persons,They are just specially talented persons.Itf you can't accept disabled persons are somewhat specially talented in any areas, then you are disabled man with a nonfunctional heart.Employing these persons will directly increase GDP . At present, daily ,our GPA is downgrading by 0.1 factors so,if we get an ascending of 2 number in our GPA, it will be more useful to reduce price hike.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

T20 World Cup - For You

The most awaited T20 2014 world cup has been showcased in Dubai by ICC chairman.Almost everyone around the world are eager to watch the upcoming T20 cricket .But the fact is that they have to wait for 2 years. Most of the ICC circles believe the T20 mains will be hosted by Bangladesh and they assure that the qualifier rounds will be hosted by New zealand and UAE . There are decisions circling around the chairman's cabinet about the inclusion of few more teams may be upto 4! Hope this T20 will be a god graced game for Indians.

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