Thursday, 13 December 2012

I Can Explain Why World Won't End in 2012?


Yes,I can say the world will bloom for many more years as it has been getting along just fine for more than 4 billion years. Many pages which I
have liked in Facebook is damn posting filthy posts about doomsday of Earth ,just to get the attention of the people towards their pages.I saw a post saying that a planet called Nirubi is set to onslaught the Earth and the human race will be erased out of Earth's history as that happened to dinosaurs earlier.But,if it is true,then by this time, atleast the shape of such a huge celestial body would be visible to our naked eye.

Mayan Calendar -Perspective

Keeping the above rumors aside,let us talk about Mayan's calendar issue.Every calendar has an end.,whether it is mayan calendar 
or your house calendar.After December,everyone has to buy a new calendar for forthcoming year starting again from January.Likewise,Mayans may not be able to establish their calendar after 2012 due to their inability or they may have thought that it is needless to have a long calendar for thousands of year in advance.Also we can't say that the Earth will not exist after 2012  just in corroboration with Mayan's calendar.I swear where is science???where is the proof??

Some innocent science people in my place explains me that all the planets will align on December of 2012 and due to this there will be a sudden shift in magnetic poles.Don't hold your breath as I did at that time.The last big field reversal happened nearly 800,000 years ago. Bodhidharma and our other ancestor cavemen survived. Geological evidence shows that the field has reversed its orientation tens of thousands of times over Earth history.Yet, there is no definitive evidence that a magnetic field reversal has ever caused any mass extinction due to increased cosmic ray influx.Every year ,Earth and Sun will align approximately at the center of milky way and it is cyclic program that has not caused anything bizarre to human beings.I too know this fact just now when I was resourcing information about doomsday.

Don't get frightened by some false news.Still, many more new and duplicate non-scientific, nonfactual rumors are being created day by day about doomsday.None is true and many fools are posting these rumors mentioning the name of ISRO and NASA. Actually ,both of the organizations had never announced anything about Doomsday. If you see any false post mentioning NASA and ISRO in coordination with doomsday,threaten the publisher saying that they will be punished under the IPC law of 66-A . 

With this I conclude this post saying that.
let us all wait for a Happy New Year 2013

Happy 2013

Monday, 20 August 2012

Its Only 5 - Extinct Resource

Even a chirographer can't write a 160 letters in 30 seconds., Yet, we had trained ourselves in typing 160 characters in just a few seconds for Text sms and forwarded it to tens of friends. But,now,TRAI have clipped it to 5, like a winter vacation for fingers of uppity message writers.In fact, they have notched the fingers of students into minuscules by restricting them to chat with their companions via text messages.I saw a status update from my friend's wall., in that Amitab Bachan says to a poor.."I have car, bungalows, and lots of money ",and a troll replies"Dude pls ..I have my complete 5 sms".It is the situation where we are pushed into. It is the solidity, sms can pervade rapidly in mass networks. Most guys are utilizing it,whereas few are misusing it against national integrity.I remember,in my school, if anyone talks during class hours, whole class will be asked to stand as a punishment.,and here also,it seems to be same like that...Assam riots are fake figured one and we have to par all our country-mates.,all Indians are ambiguous whether they are from north or south..Just keep it in mind and gospel it to all. Don't misuse an highly productive technology for peril/savagery jobs.Anyhow, our hands have been tied up with five knots for 15 days..These fifteen days will be a hard crest for me to skate alone without any major contacts with my oceans of friends...
SMS - Useful tips

Some Useful Sms Notes

Sunday, 5 August 2012

நண்பர்கள் தின சாரல்கள் ...

இவனோ என் நண்பன்

வாழ்கையில் அழகான நேரம் நீயே தந்தாய் ...அழியாத நினைவுகளும்  நீயே பினைந்தாய்  .........

கவலை இல்லை கபடம் இல்லை கடவுளுகே வரம் கொடுப்பேன் ..நீ தொனை இருந்தால் ....

கடற் படை கடலில் ஓடும் ...விமான படை வானில் ஓடும் ..என்றும் என் நண்பர்கள் படை மட்டுமே நெஞ்சினில் ஓடும் ,,,,,

 நம் நட்பை ஒரு சிறிய காகிதத்தில் வரைந்து விட முடிவுற்றேன் ...வெகு நேரம்   யோசித்து பார்த்தேன்...!!

ரோஜாவை வரைந்து விடலாம் .ஆனால் அதன் வாசத்தை வரைந்து விட முடியுமா ??

இனிய நண்பர்கள் தின நல வாழ்த்துகள்

Saturday, 28 July 2012

G!! This is 4G

Now, there seems to be good news for all the 2G, 3G and 4G Mobile Internet users, India’s telecom watchdog Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) pronounced 4G to the telecom operators.What do you mean 4G?? Is the answer fourth generation networking technology?It may be almost true,because most of the people says the same to me whenever,I asks them. But it doesn't seems to be ortho.Then what it actually mean!! Let me say...4G is a data connection that your mobile device could use to do things like send and receive emails, browse the internet, play games, download apps and music, videos,etc. The "big deal" about 4G is not only because it's the next step up in terms of speed and technology. True 4G speeds are actually as fast or faster than most Cable internet connections and 3G,2G networks. The implications of having this type of data connection in your pocket, wherever you go, are pretty huge. It changes how we interact with data and devices on an every day basis.For example, My friend have a 4G smartphone that has personal "hot spot" mode. This means he can turn his phone into a 4G hot spot that allows me to use his internet connection in my iPad or laptop with high speed. It's just as fast as my home internet. If you can imagine a world where you can get high-speed internet literally anywhere you're opens the door for lots of cool things.Some of the companies trying 4G mobile communication at 100 Mbps for mobile users and up to 1 Gbps over fixed stations. They planned on publicly launching their first commercial wireless network around pla2010. As far as other competitor’s mobile communication companies working on 4G technology more even quickly. Sprint Nextel was planned to launch WiMAX over 4G broadband mobile network in United States and in our nation,India’s first-ever 4G mobile services was launched by Bharti Airtel in Kolkata .According to latest news, Reliance communication plans to buy 4G bands for 1 billion Dollar and give its customer,4G service for just Rs.10/1GB.  Compared to 3G that allows download speed of up to 21 mbps, 4G allows speed of up to 100 mbps, which is almost five times higher than 3G. Some of the other developed countries like United Kingdom stated a plan to sale via auction of 4G mobile frequencies couple of years back. Experience the end of buffering. Play live multiplayer games, watch seamless streaming video, video chat with your friends and family in high definition and do much more while on the move!

Big Boat
Transmission in 4G

Friday, 20 July 2012

Assassination Of Corruption

Your death is alive, you wander in fear.
You can't escape, as I am nearing you.
When I arrive, I'll make it clear.
You can't be acquitted, don't waste your breath.
I assure ,I will give you,
a daemons death;
I'll come from the shadows of you, I'll come from the clouds.
None will come for you, prepare to die.
With a wail,
Your soul will race.
Perhaps the worst thing about loss,
by the very definition of it,
is unable to share pain;
A finalization on you
Without a trace.
A true assassination on god of corruption.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

God Particles - Higgs bosons

Scientists at CERN,Geneva has found a godly particles called Higgs boson by bombarding two protons nourished by 125 GeV,which was named after a scientist Peter Higgs and boson comes from  Satyendra Nath Bose. It was first mentioned in a paper by Peter Higgs in 1964. The funny thing was that he first wrote a paper in which he had not mentioned this particle at all. He sent it to the journal Physics Letters . The editor of the journal, who was a famous physicist himself, returned the paper saying he should add something about the physical implications of the theory.Then Peter Higgs added a small paragraph about the Higgs particle and sent it to a rival journal, Physical Review Letters, which published it! As the first physicist to have talked about the need for a heavy particle to exist, the Higgs particle later came to be named after him. The reason for the existence of mass for the particles in universe has been revealed through this discovery.Scientists from CERN claimed that Higgs boson are the smallest elementary particle of all with zero spin.But few people  dont agree with scientists at CERN, in Geneva Switzerland about the Higgs Boson (God's Particle). Scientists claim “Higgs boson is not the most elementary particle. Is there anything finite quantity in this world??? I think that they have given up. In labs, this may not be possible, but few yrs down the line ,they will be able to divide it further. As a parallel, consider this. You divide 1 by 2 and get 0.5., Now keep dividing it by 2 many times.. You will tend to get 0, but will never get zero. If you do this on calculator, it may show zero due to limitation of calculator, but the truth 0 is not reached in any case. So, in this case practically one would have found 0 on calculator whereas there is no zero theoretically in this example. Similarly, the higgs boson must be divisible further and so it can't be the elementary particle”. Replying to these tweets  Rolf Heuer, Director of the European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN) put it, ‘As a layman, I think we did it. We’ve a discovery. We’ve observed a new particle that is consistent with the Higgs Boson.’
Important Facts about H.bosons
^Boson from Higgs boson was named after Indian scientist named sathyendra bose

^These particles obey the Bose Einstein Statistics first discovered by Indian physicist Satyendranath Bose. Hence the word ‘boson’.

^It is the theoretical model for explaining how the earth came into existence

^CERN atom/proton smasher alone costs 10 billion USD to construct and run

^It has its significance in cancer theraphy

Thursday, 28 June 2012

FUTURE SCIENCE: Birth Of The Super Human

The future science mostly talks about electrical,electronics and other associations with mechanics rather than muscular studies.Say Instrumentation Engineering, if it is limited to only mechanics, we can say it deals with automation and control Engineering.But, if we extend IE to biological ground we would have marked it as medical engineering ,speaking exactly we named it "Cyborg Science".

Could a being without flesh and blood ever be truly alive?
Don't say it as ghost!!It may be a cyborg
1.Cyborg in Military

2.Cyborg in Medical theraphy

3.Cyborg in automations

4.Cyborg patient


Cyborgial Science so far:

The age of cyborgs has arrived. Emerging technology allows the human brain to interact directly with computers and machines – and the science is progressing fast.Body-enhancing technology can also be used to aid healthy humans. ‘Exoskeleton’ suits are being developed in Japan that could give users five times their ordinary strength. It is possible too to inject microchip implants under the skin that allow carriers to light up rooms or open doors with just a wave of the hand.Last month, a woman succeeded in moving a robotic arm using only her mind. Soon we could be using technology to enhance or even replace our muscles, our senses – and perhaps our brains.

How it works?
After watching Spider man - 2 movie, I assumed these devices works on the brain impulse that are received via spinal cord. But, actually, It was not the same. As you know ,All of our body’s processes – from digestion to imagination – are controlled by a network called the ‘nervous system,’ with the brain and spinal cord at its centre, Most of our conscious activities occur mainly in the outer parts of the brain. This means that the electrical impulses for these activities can be located fairly near to the surface.By attaching sensors to our brains, scientists can capture these impulses and transmit them into computer.This sounds simple but, in this case we have to consider millions of neurons from both left and right brain and each has specific motor chemical oscillation.Hence ,the future scientist :P ,must have to crack these signals through the challenging three dimensional network pattern recognition methods.

Conclusion :Is it boon or ban?
Some people believe that this technology would enhance us so dramatically that it would represent a new type of evolution .What ever they say,  Cyborg soldiers with super-strength armoured suits,cyborg organ transplants leading to improving human lifespan,over automotive dependencies ,etc are against nature.Things that we couldnot digest in near future, Cyborg-Destiny of world Don't Forget to hit Like!!(Y) Firstly If you were offered an implant that allows one to download information from your brain to a computer, would you accept it?? ->->->-><->->->->-><->->->->-><->->->->-> Next Come up with three events for a ‘cyborg olympics,’ in which future humans compete using their robot-enhanced bodies and computer -enhanced minds.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Technology that empowers me!!!

Technology That Empowers Me!!!-S.Praga
Read slowly!!I am Identifying you

HTC Wildfire

I chose this topic because ,My phone impressed me this time.It is not just a phone, it is more than that, can we say this phone as a device with artificial intelligence .  Right!! Let us keep a name to it ,as the present world pronounce "Smart Phone" By that, I mean technology which allows me to be more productive in my normal day-to-day activities. I sat for a while thinking about which new-fangled device checks that particular box and eventually settled on the unassuming Smart Phones (also tablet). For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, Smart Phones are essentially mobile computers that have been condensed into handheld, touch screen devices primarily operated by touching the screen rather than the more traditional keyboard interface. Examples include the mighty HTC phones and its rival the Android based HTC Wildfire/Desire/etc series.

In classrooms/board meetings around the world, Smart Phones are fast replacing the humble pen and paper pads with tech-savvy corporate climbers opting to rather tap away on their shiny new phones than scribble incomprehensible notes on an A4 legal pad. There are obvious benefits: for one, you (and more importantly others) can actually read what you’ve written and with most Smart Phones sporting some sort of predictive, auto-corrective text feature i.e., spell check it’s surprisingly fast and easy to take notes. Add to this the ability to display other forms of media when making a presentation (photographs, spread sheets, diagrams, charts) and you can see how Smart Phones have become a prominent feature in most meetings.
At present scenario,Smart Phones are also great for socializing.In fact,I preferred Smart phones only for keeping me active on facebook every time.  With the explosion of social media more and more people use Facebook app for android, Twitter  as platforms to plan,to follow a personality and then document, real world social events. Consider also that a large majority of people use Facebook as their main  means of social interaction, meeting new people, re-connecting with long last school friends, chatting etc and you can see the need for a device that allows people instant access to their respective social media accounts.
After you’re done at work and have had enough of your online friends, Smart Phones are also great for a bit of rest time. Most Smart Phones these days support full HD playback, so users can watch their favorite movies ,video clips from their hand held device and also those who have interest in Photography can do with it. And with e-readers becoming more and more popular, there are virtually millions of book titles available for download(I always prefer Combine this with a host of free games also readily available in android market and you have a full on entertainment system in the palm of your hand.

Look, one could argue that a laptop can do all of the above and more. But, I will say this about Smart Phones: first off, they’re way more portable than even the smallest laptop. Secondly, they’re generally cheaper  and finally, there’s the inherent cool factor to consider on your palm.

I found uIP

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Friday, 15 June 2012

Hiking Senses

A billion can make your hand heavy,
But a billionaire needs a billiard stick to make his hands comfort.
so, A billion weighs nothing more than our cherished circles.

Monday, 11 June 2012

GDP is Disabled

Don't Waste GDP

Already,  we knew India stands second in the world population and we Indians are working hard to beat Chinese record 
at least by one million. Most of us are not aware of where we are wasting our human resources.In America, 12 per cent of the population is counted as disabled, the corresponding percentage in England is 18 and in Germany, nine. In India, government statistics claim it is two per cent.We have low percentage of disabled persons than that of other countries.Polio, which has been completely eradicated from our gene pool. But ,due to the presence of lower number of disabled persons we are neglecting these manpower."Many says disabled persons had done some sins in the past birth. Hence, they are punished by god in this present generation" Whereas ,  other groups of people are doing some sympathy programs to display themself infront of god as a purest persons and thinking of that if they help disabled persons ,they are getting a free pass to heaven". Thus we neglecting considerable power obtained from these humans. We should give them opportunities rather than giving them free foods,shelter,and other aids which minuscule their self confidence level.  The Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan programme and the Right to Education Act say that every child in India is guaranteed an education.But most of the schools are feeling hard to give admission to these persons.Why we are neglecting them? Who made us to see specially talented person in different perspective?Obviously, it is our own lack of thought, application of mind, and maybe of heart.Do we want them to be educated, employed, productive, able to look after themselves and their families, contributing to the growth and wealth of our nation? If we want it,then we simply cannot achieve that without including them in our mainstream education system.Don't avoid disabled persons,They are just specially talented persons.Itf you can't accept disabled persons are somewhat specially talented in any areas, then you are disabled man with a nonfunctional heart.Employing these persons will directly increase GDP . At present, daily ,our GPA is downgrading by 0.1 factors so,if we get an ascending of 2 number in our GPA, it will be more useful to reduce price hike.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

T20 World Cup - For You

The most awaited T20 2014 world cup has been showcased in Dubai by ICC chairman.Almost everyone around the world are eager to watch the upcoming T20 cricket .But the fact is that they have to wait for 2 years. Most of the ICC circles believe the T20 mains will be hosted by Bangladesh and they assure that the qualifier rounds will be hosted by New zealand and UAE . There are decisions circling around the chairman's cabinet about the inclusion of few more teams may be upto 4! Hope this T20 will be a god graced game for Indians.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Cadets - War Started

Omg !!It  started already ...Did u get ready for world war- III,?  Each and every nation started to prepare for their affray .Ya our India too is getting ready to give a brawl.Almost all the nations prepared a few missile for just a sake and produced a large number of cadets .India too produces a large number of war cadets and they are more stronger than that of others . So,only many nations mainly America ,Australia,etc are buying our soldiers at a ransom rate. Okay..don't  get exhausted to read further..The top training center in our India for war cadets are i.IIT,ii.NIT,iii.Anna university ,etc Yeah!! I am talking about the educated fighters. In olden days, the war happened with the platform of knifes and then swords ,also further they integrated it to bombs->missiles->rockets.Understanding the brawny feasibility of dropping ballistic missiles over a nation, many countries decided to play the war with their economic strategies .Thus at present, 'WaR Is WiThIn ThE MiNdS '.India too develops its strength by offering educations by subsidy ,free education ,etc .But still, sucking all the offers from India, most of the students mostly,engineers are lured by foreign MNCs and all the special minded ,talented people are transported to abroad lands.Each and every time ,we proud our self  by saying India born foreign citizen has solved this,invented this,etc,etc...But it is not the real proud...Stealing our nation's human wealth is on one hand:; but occupying our farmlands in the name of 'employment provider' by other foreign software companies is another kind of looting our nation resources like soil, tax stipend, free lands,low cost continuous power supply, etc and finally transforming our country to depend on another nation's economy.So friends, don't go and labor under a foreign man although we was once skivvy to them. Let us work for India, India has its own software companies , core jobs and also all other jobs that you can get in foreign countries. Working within India pays less but satisfies more with our family. Work for nation .Contribute  yourself in mindwar on behalf of India as an Indian.
                                                             I TRUST YOU!!

Monday, 28 May 2012

Lonely Thoughts-Gospel Of Ray

Ever since man is created on the earth ,he is properly chaperoned by the awesome light. It tells something to us ,paving the way for our welfare. Without light imagine, you are in the darkest corner of the without having the hope to survive further in the terrene . This makes us to think that light is the utmost important thing we needed in our life. Thank god, if light is privatized, none will have the money to buy this precious thing. While talking about precious thing ,I remember the rays that penetrate a filthy dungeon are as pure as those that flood a palace of white marble, so only we are admired and addicted to buy gold,diamonds,etc. This in turn temptates us to earn money  and this sets our goal to our life. 'Ray' it embodies all color within itself.,then think !! how beautiful it is..,It is the most beautiful personality in the world but it remains colorless in front of us. This teaches us how to self behave our self to the world.Finally ,It is not an existence unto itself, but the revelation of its source.
                                                        "It Is YoU"

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Billion Weighs Too Much

On a sunny day in the month of June, I was having my lunch in college canteen  and spent my hours in the football court. It is the only place in my college where none will disturb me But, it is not so that day .Like me, my friends also came to that place .Friend in need is a friend in deed ,It is the proverb which my friends had taught me on many occasions. We had hang up on a chat about Vijay ,Ajith fans club. As I am a Surya fan, I was not hiked into the hard conversation. Both of them are my friends. My mind pulled me to the battle ground of two fans, and forced me to support him, but To Whom ??Both are my friends...If I support Ajith fan, I will be thrown into somewhere out of India by that Vijay fan or if I support Vijay,My head will be knocked by ajith fan, It is the minimum punishment that my both friends can afford to me...Else if I remain a Surya fan,then both of them will stop the conversation between but I should be set ready to conversate to both of them.Then I made them to switch over to IPL5, I supported the glorious Mumbai Indians, but at this occasion they both rejoined at csk, so now I am the opponent for the both,Oh my god, the fight again aroused by talk from Chennai to mumbai and ended up with sachin and dhoni.I am being a MI fan is because of sachin playing in that team, but they both liked Dhoni more than Sachin so problem again started to populate,...Finally , I was on the way to the defeat of conversation. But I need not to give with my friend in this issue.So I planned to make a declaration of conversation with no winners But,how?? I acted like that I really got angry and like I was disappointed with their speech and went out of them with rush. They are my friends....I didn't liked to give up to my friends,,,,but they are my friends...they decided to give up Dhoni for me..It really made me to feel guilty but happy to have these friends....Anyhow, it didn't finish , the fight discussion again rose in the field of politics....:(...It seems by my friends act ,their give up for me worth more than a billion, but their activities makes me to feel ,it is better to sleep in class rather than tree shadow....In my experience,managing two billion like friends is too tough rather than managing a single girl friend.So friends, stay with your cherished circle...but don't when u and your friends are left free to speak unproductive talks....Sometimes it shows their love on u...mostly it shows yourself to them even if u thought to have true friendship on them...

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Lonely Thoughts-Don't Search For Perfections

My heart is always suffering with an unquenchable, unconscious never ending thirst for a perfection, for a certain quality, for the purity of development, it takes so many discourages when I flutter my views. 

But the texture of my reality follows the contours of approximation, things hover around and emotions, ideas, concepts and predilections just flow in an anarchy of form and structure. The anarchy lies in the sense of me ,not to blame others without being perfect to myself.

Observations never match hands with expectations.

I want to accept this, not fight with it. 

Anyhow I have to flow in an jumpy bumpy stream of life satisfied with what I received.... 

Monday, 30 April 2012

Attitude matters

Height of attitude doesn't lies in one's personality,it is within one's heart....Every person has an attitude.....I too have an attitude ...I am responsible only for my words that shapes my attitude......I am not responsible for what you understood....

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Sunday, 29 April 2012

இவன் ஒரு சுத்தமான தொழிலாளி

பேருந்து நிலையத்தில் ஒருவனை கண்டேன் ....அவன் நீண்ட நேரமாக பெருக்கி கொண்டு இருந்தான்....முக்கியமாக சொல்ல  வேண்டும் ...அங்கு அவன் மட்டும் தான் தன் வேலையை உண்மையாக செய்து கொண்டு இருந்தான் .....நான் அவன் கடமை உணர்ச்சியை கண்டு வியந்து போனேன்....ஏனென்றால் ஒரு அரசு தொழிலாளி சனிகிழமை கூட வேலை பார்பான் என்றால் மிக அரிதான சம்பவம் தானே......நானும் அவன் நடவடிக்கைகளை கவனித்து கொண்டே இருந்தேன் ....சிறிது நேரம் கழித்து அவன் ஷிர்டில் இருந்து வெத்தலை போன்று கருப்பாக இருக்கும் ஒன்றை வாயில் வைத்து மென்றான்....அவன் என்ன நினைத்தானோ தெரியவில்லை சிறிது நேரம் கழித்து ரத்தம் வாந்தி எடுத்ததை போல கீழே எச்சில் துப்பினான் .....அட கடவுளே அவன் வந்தான் பெருக்கினான் ,பேருந்து நிலையமே இனிமேல் சுத்தமாக போகிறது என்ரேலவா நான் கனவு கண்டேன்....அனால் அவன் என்னமோ சுத்தமான இடத்தில தான் எச்சில் துப்புவேன் என்பதை போல ....சுத்தம் செய்தான்....சிவப்பு நிறத்தை தரையில் பூசி விட்டு சென்றுவிட்டான் ....என் கனவும் அவனோடவே சென்றது....நானும் பேருந்துடன் வீடு திரும்பிவிட்டேன்....இவனோ ஒரு (அ)சுத்தமான   தொழிலாளி

Friday, 27 April 2012

Lonely thoughts- Who Needs You?

Lonely thoughts- Who Needs You?
After my dinner, I just went on a walk in the college road. There was a little downpour a few hours before, so the climate was cold , i went chillax .While walking in a lonely mind ,I got remembered about the speech provided by my chemistry lecturer, he told us that At present , the new generations are searching for the new labeled products from the branded companies leaving out the homemade products  made through self employment. And also ,many things rolled on my mind. The magnificent view of  my college road gave me much enough environment to chew the past memories from my heart. While going a three yard before my hostel, I just saw a old man, who packed his road side shop things and getting ready to depart to his home sadly and with a slight shiver. The things he kept in his petty shop for sell is nothing but the coir bags. I went near to him and stood aside, to hold and lift the heavy sack of bags and made him to hold it on his head. He some how managed to balance the sack on his bal .We both walked along the road talking about current topics that are happening in our locality. While talking, He said about his business. For more than four generations , his family  have been spinning and making coir bags .He also told me that he is  capable of making 57 different types of coir bags by his hand arts.  Loving this art, he taught this art to his sons  too. But now, he itself made his son not to develop this art to his grandson. Because he was tired of seeing the cars passing away near by him without stopping and buying his products. He looked faint as he was fully wetted by previous shower. I asked him about his grandsons. He told happily that they are studying in schools but he was unable to pronounce their school name..I asked him about the profit of his business. He told that once there was a big demand for handmade products as there were no foreign companies to destroy indigenous people skills…but now, it was not the same as the people were attracted by the offers and designs provided by AC showrooms and also people were in kewl of brand names which will not be present in petty shopkeepers so , our business were totally deteriorated. After finishing his pour of agony in running  business, he went off to his home…His talk really poured a kettle full of cold water on my face…Wholesalers buy a commodity on large scale at cheap rate and they sell it part by part in different places at quite higher rates but lower than market value, but farmers cultivate and sell it in roadside just to eat for a couple of time per day….Think about it… .My instinct asked me ,”Why we are not preferring handmade products? ”,”Why we are not buying things in petty shops”, ”What will happen  to farmers selling their fresh vegetables in roadside if everyone prefers reliancefresh , trinethra, etc  for packed vegetables?”,”Does a big brand really need us?”Many questing screwed my mind, But I didn’t find the answer for most of these questions.  Please think about these questions and do the better to the retail sellers and farmers ….petty needs you...

Friday, 20 April 2012

Is It Globalization Or Thralldom?

Look at the back of him for his actual idea

Is It Globalization Or Thralldom?

 Where Are We Running Towards ? Bursting into the pictures of  world trade events during last quarters of 20th  century, India had made some smart changes in it’s policy . The most adept changes that inverted the darkest color of our economy is Globalization of Indian Economy. Yes, It was after 1990’s when India has agreed to open it’s gates of economy for foreign investors. Many companies like coco cola, Peter England, Marry brown, Spencer plaza and many other corporations passed through the gateway. In fact, this has given us competitive environment for business ,improved our quality in many aspects and solved our unemployment problems which was one of the predicament at that period. I need to remind you a quote by Clinton “To build an Area , Destroy an Area” It is true in our case also. It has solved some crucial problems that we faced but actually, it has sourced our country’s man power and earned a lot from us.
  We need our economy to be globalized or not? I am sure ,you will be little understood what I am actually approaching to you . We  will always be intended to perform a hard task successfully with our hard workmanship. This had made many IT MNC’s to look  towards India for their investment. Thus most of our economy now a days is dependent on foreign market. If the American market collapsed , our market also seems to be disturbed badly. Are we following globalization policy or dependency policy? It should be sparked on everyone’s mind.
  We have many of our indigenous markets like Bovonto, Kalimark, Shesha solar powers, Maruthi, Mahindra, Solider TV etc. But most of these companies were uprooted from our market by foreign companies. Most of the children at present may be does not even tasted the grapy flavor of Bovonto. All the televisions that we were buying is foreign made and solider tv is kept as our grandpa’s asset. Every product right from  face cream to car to pencil , we are searching for china make or other foreign companies. We are not bothered to buy our traditional old Indian products because we have made our mind tuned that buying car from Ford company is far superior than buying car from Tata groups. This has made many companies to close their shutter down and simultaneously increased our hankering towards other economies.
  What it finally happen to us? It will be the factual quest that may not been recognized by our mind. When we demand and depend on other, they will surely stand on our head and recommend us to agree for their ungenerous agreements. We too will agree if not, our corrupted politicians will be made to agree. At the time of war, for example a with china, china will put an economic and trade barrier with India , ultimately we will have a complete scarcity of commodities like cars, containers, plastic products, etc. Because we have closed our own century old car companies thinking of the availability of luxurious Toyoto, we have replaced our Rasana by Tang, We have replaced every bike components by Chinese spares so that we will have acute spare shortage and so on. Ultimately we will have huge economic tragedy , decrease in per capita income and also increased integration leads to lesser resilience for fluctuation ,etc. Due to this, we will be attacked by both at inner country and also in our borders
 What we need to do? We have to encourage and give preferences for our Indian made projects like solar plant constructions, power plant constructions, car companies, etc and also we should aid and give support to our traditional companies to stand competent in our  market. Trusting the abstract of an Indian project engineer is far better than trusting the words of assurance from the foreign investors.    

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Attitude Makes A Man Gentle

It was Saturday  and it was the time, sun was about to climb the earth’s brow. I decided to take a walk after finishing my college work. I know It will take more than a couple of hours to finish my work. Fortunately ,my work relieved me only after the sun descends down. I was left free and I got myself refreshed to walk alone. I took my handset, my wallet and some chocolates with me .I started my journey without fixing any destination. It is a well known fact “What we think when we are in alone, Decides our future”. Usually there will be ping…pong…horn sounds in that road due to heavy traffic. But since it  was  a weekend on that day,  many people remained inside in their home ,watching movies. So the road remained silent and pleasant. Now, many things rolled on my vacuous mind….How did I feared to get into this college which is far from my hometown….How did I scored in my schools…How much teachers have scolded me for my silly mistakes….I was also smiled about myself thinking of my childish actions when my parents bought a gift for me…Thinking of my golden memories with my friends during schoolings, I sat on the parapet wall near a bus stop. There was a petty hotel where they were cooking channa and chappathi in front of me. I was tempted to eat it. So I ordered them two in numbers. Walking a long journey didn’t reminded me about the time but, waiting for the food in an hotel displayed me every  seconds of time on my eyes .It was about to dusk that time. I just saw randomly the jobs going on near the bus stop for the passage of time. I noticed a boy was waiting for a long time to get his bus. Nevertheless, It was not that actually. He was waiting for a girl who is returning to her home through that bus stop after shopping with her friends. The girl after a few minutes came there. I identified her by seeing the smile at the boy’s face. She came nearer to the boys with the hands full of shopping baggages and said him “HELLO”. I think they both were friends already. But I continued to see that scene because that boy had a rose with his hand. So, it baited me something about proposal is going to happen there. As I guessed ,  the boy gave her Rose and proposed her. The girl was stood paused for a minute, seeing that boy with some disgusting face reaction. But she managed to smile at him and said “Please get lost of my sight…. Don’t irritate  me, U r just my friend ..Thats all….But now its  too not….Bye!!” The boy who kept his face down before her . With a dodge,now, lifted his head et smiled at her once .The girl was little bit confused and she left that place with an anguish. The boy came to the same hotel where I was also ordered. He ordered a coffee and sat next to me on the wall. I too was little bit confused about the boy’s reaction for his rejection with that proposal. The waiter bought my Tiffin, the boy’s coffee and gave to us. I was eager to know about his feelings but ,quite nervous to talk with a stranger. It was my eagerness which gave me braveness and I furiously asked him “why did you smiled at her in spite of her rejection ??” .The boy took a sip of coffee and again smiled at me. Then he replied me “I just lost a person who doesn’t really love me. But she lost a person who truly loved her”. The boy’s attitude really gave a flush in my mind. After eating the Tiffin , I left that place thinking of that incidence. The boy has occupied a place in my heart that is left for gentle persons. Yes, that guy's attitude is gentle. The incident gave me a good lesson to me. Then I went to home and started to plan about my next day’s entertainment.
How is it!!! Comment here...:) :)

Friday, 6 April 2012



He is my father, equals to tens of hundreds of teachers,

He is the person who carries me for more than twenty years,

He had taught me how to survive,

He is the man who thinks about my welfare all the time,

He showed his life as an example in order to make me struggle for success,

He is the moon who glowed my life showing a right path at darkness,

He was a great looser when I first learned to play chess,

He has a superficial  mind to guess my needs at right time and get the best one for me,

I am an inspirer of many persons but follower for my only father,

He is the universe who hides his pride on me within himself when, I win a small petty games but, shouts at 
me for not studying well,

He showed me what is what and this is this,

He didn’t intend to hurt me and also he didn’t let me to get hurt by someone,

He is a giant who lifts me at the top among the crowd to show myself to god in the temple,

He is my friend who stands first to give me his opinion when I struck with a problem.

He has a lots of thumbs to show me a thumbs up for my unproductive projects,

He is the sun for my cherished circle where I would like to rotate around;

In spite of his heavy of his heavy job, he is the reviewer for my articles,

He is the only person after my mother to think about my prosperous future.

Thanks pa.

Monday, 2 April 2012


Trojan virus


      Everyone would have heard about Trojan horse virus and some would have been a victim of that virus during computing. It is a simple malicious program used by a botnet hacker to get an access into one’s personal computer. What it actually does? Simply file corruption? No, It actually get into the computer, replicate by itself when you switch on the BIAS then, it weakens your computer security so as to allow other viral program to crash your pc and finally it give a wide access to the hacker who wishes to access the data of the computer. This program can be spread through spyware advertisement, freeware, etc. These hackers will do data theft, crash the systems, watch the user’s screen, etc…
    But why the name Trojan horse came to this malware virus? Is it just a random name give to a program? No, its not like that always. Once upon a time, may be around 12TH century BC , a war came between Greeks and Trojans and it lasted up to ten year. The main root reason for Trojan war lies on the wedding ceremony of  King Peleus and Queen Nereid from Greece. They invited all the kings and gods to their ceremony but they didn’t invite Eris. So , Eris got angry and she thrown fruits(written with “To the fair person”) on the ceremony. Unfortunately the fruits fell on goddess Hera, Athena and Aphrodite. There raised a controversy who was the beautiful and they went to the lord Zeus(leader of all the gods). He powered Paris to take decision. Paris was offered lands of Asia by Hera, wisdom by Athena and love from a beautiful women by Aphrodite. Paris gave the fruit to Aphrodite. Of course,  Aphrodite was not expected that the beautiful women would be Helen, Queen of Sparta who already got married with Menelaus, King of Sparta. But anyhow Aphrodite managed to save her words of promise by somehow making Helen to fall in love with Paris by using her magical golden love arrow. Thus Helen was confiscated from Sparta . So Menelaus lodged a war towards Paris(King of Trojans, Troy). After a trivial attack  of 10 years ,Spartans were unable to enter into the enemy fort due to presence of Huge wall. Spartans made a plan in such a way that they have to enter the fort as well there should be a unexpected attack for Paris.So, They made a wooden horse and hide inside the wooden horse. Trojans felt that Greek peoples were surrendered and they left their gift to them. They were filled with happiness  which would have made them fool. The horse monument was taken into the Troy and Paris and his soldiers enjoyed their victory. As night begins to show its face, the Greek soldiers inside the wooden horse came out and set up an scathing fire attack towards Troy city and ultimately Spartans tasted the fruit of victory which was pollinated since 10 years. The main character of this war is none other than our non living Wooden Trojan Horse and it stands for its uniqueness till date.
Trojan horse-wood

       Getting back into our virus database, Trojan horse virus is similar to the above story’s main character. The hacker will leave you freeware containing virus as his gift and he taste the essence of your computer. Many Spartans have placed their gifts in front of you. I hope you would not be a Paris hereafter. 

Monday, 19 March 2012



    While talking about the youth generation ,most of the people will start to blame about their present ultramodern trend and over-civilization. But our former president Mr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam already felt the role of younger generations in India and I would like to quote his thoughts in this occasion “Great minds can be found among the peoples around 20 years.They are full of creative imaginations”. Obviously youth people are energetic and they don’t faint inspite of their repeated failure .Most of the famous scientists made their invention since they started to discover it from their earlier age. If none of us give a opportunity for youths to talk about their idea, then every scientist’s ideas are submerged before their viability. Due to the ignorance of youth people by elder generation ,we don’t know how many einsteins ,bethovens , georges we lost .While talking about the politicians, some younger generations are striving hard to get into the battle field and to implement their advanced innovative ideas for the welfare of the people .But most of them are indulging themselves only in IT sectors and trying hard to earn money. This brings quite guiltiness to me because, we changed their path to achieve their zeal by discouraging them as political kids .Getting a main drift into the role of youth in politics, the youth  have energy, zeal to perform and more dedication. We agree that politics is quite a challenging field, but we do believe that the youth of today is far more capable and intelligent. The youth at present are not only knowledgeable, but they are also aware of latest technologies and trends, which if used in right way can surely benefit every citizen to achieve their welfare and hence the country will get back it’s politics from . Therefore it is time for senior politicians, to show their benevolence, by letting youth of today take over their role and leaving their guidelines on their table. This shows the real beauty of the democratic country.  In such a way ,Uttar Pradesh took a step advance among the other states in India to get it’s first youngest chief minister in it’s history. Let us congrats Akilesh yadav to be a role model for present generation people. Elder persons always see a problem as a problem and deconstruct it irrespective of it’s cost of  expenses. But younger generation can only see it as a task to accomplish it. In developing countries like India ,we want more educated youth to participate in governing the administration of  the country with their new fringes of ideas .I think everyone is aware of china’s cancerous growth in it’s economic development , It is because of it’s huge youth populations. It has been estimated that around 2020,India will too have a more youth man power in it’s population. The only thing that we need to do is in the matter of fact that we have to make a traces of path for achievement to them ,without converging their ideas within the walls. India has got it’s independence since 64 years ,If you would like to see India to achieve it’s real independence from a social drawback ,we have to do something to upgrade our country , in order to develop in this competitive world.


Criminalisation of Politics

   Politics ,It’s a natural thing happening among human beings ,ever since primates attained civilization. Of course, Politics is a icon of civilization due to which people from various ideas came up together, discussed with each other and paved way for the development of human community. The most important achievement of politics is that, it has given us the idea of setting up the government for the welfare of people.
  We Indians are not new to the term politics, we had set up government under the control of a king and we governed us , before anyone in the world knows about the meaning of politics. Thus one can see the excellent govern of politicians during olden days in the sculpture of Indus valley civilization. Since olden days, politics is good when it is under one government(king) .Due to presence of many rulers in the single country ,It has become a main explosive for our unity. So, politics gave the way for the rulers from outside countries to get inside into us.
  Politics! It’s a ditch…corrupted people’s living place .,is what all younger and elder generation says about on hearing the word politics .Actually politics is the most important media for the development of a country .Because It has the most power to settle a economical amendment and also the amendment for the welfare of the people .In the late 20TH century  i.e. immediately after the independence of our country ,leaders were not been aware of corruption that can occur in politics ,during the allocation of laws in our constitution .Absolutely ,this has become a feast for corrupted politicians who can get bribe as well as they misuse our constitution and they will easily get escaped from our sight due to their extraordinary superpower corrupted brain.
 Immediately after the independence of India, there were huge chaos among people on religion ,castes ,language ,etc which has motivated many peoples to get into politics. As a result ,Day by day many political parties aroused. This has not helped the country  for its development but gave the attraction for criminals to get into our fort.
  Of course,No one in the politics will intend to become a corrupted politician. Even some of the politicians are positioned in the status of god by the peoples. Each and every politician before coming to the battlefield will aim to be like a hero among the people groups. In the earlier years, people voted election candidates according to their previous performance ,actually it’s correct diagnosis of that person to be voted. But now a days ,people were expecting the money from the candidate for each and every vote from their family. I am not blaming the innocent Indian people, but they were tempted to get money from the ambitious politicians .In turn, the politician will be forced to get back the money that he had spent during his election campaign through corruption. On total, our constitution has become a business plaza for many politicians.
  The criminalization of politics continues to be a very big concern, with an increase in the number of MPs with criminal records in 2004 from 128 to 150 in 2009. Even the number of MPs with huge criminal cases has gone up. The biggest reason for this seems to be the undemocratic and autocratic selection and nomination of candidates by political parties. In order to ensure the winning probability of candidates, parties ignored honesty to give preference to muscle power and money power. Here I would like to mention the quotes said by our National Election Watch member Mr. L.C.Jain Just like one percent poison is enough to kill a human being, even one percent involvement of candidates with criminal antecedents in democracy is very dangerous. We must root out the criminal elements lock, stock and barrel. It has to be a subject of zero tolerance
 Government has taken many severe steps to compress the corruption like introducing Vohra committee ,etc. But , as I already mentioned politicians are the main framework of the government ,the amendments were attenuated when it comes on the bench of the corrupted politicians .Comparing to other countries ,corruption perception of India is 95 which brings quite unhappy to us. Many activists  like  Anna hazare were fighting and struggling to erase the word corruption from  India. But there are still a mile ahead to do that.
The political parties do not pay attention to inculcate noble political values and principles of citizenship in the people. They do not promote patriotism and commitment to nation-building. They do not want to unite the people of nation by stressing the importance of peaceful living since ,they have entered into the constitution with the help of casteism. On the contrary, they perpetuate the differences among the people and make full use of those differences for creating conflicts among them .The indulgement of cinema actors in political field gave a huge drift to the criminalization of politics .Since illiterate people trust those actors/actress will save them as if they acted like  saving the people in cinema .The above matter can only be viewed on narrow sense. While visualizing the above problem with broadened idea ,we can notice that opposition parties always oppose the acts implemented by the opponent ruling party ,even the act has many good effect for the welfare of the people. And also ,if the act implemented already by the previous government  was having a some boon at its back, the opponent party which became the ruling party now, won’t find a path to solve the problem expect the path of destruction . This will trigger the criminalistic activities by the opponent party.
 To eradicate the criminals from the politics, Each and every politicians should be analyzed by the people ,only with performance that they have done at previous 5 years and not on the behalf of the money given to the family members. People should be aware of the laws and their rights .There should be a strong eligibility criteria on the basis of education for a person to become a member in our constitution , mainly the basic qualification of candidate should be a degree holder .The election commission should scrutinize the application form for each and every election candidate on the basis of educational qualification and also by the cases filed on that candidate. The people of India should properly utilize Right to Information Act to know about their area candidates .They should be believe in notation “Politics not meant for criminals” .Thus where there is trough there will be a crest . Corruption is multifaceted mess and need a multi-pronged analysis to tackle it.We have to take a serious decision for the eradication of glitches  from politics. So, that our India will always be incredible.

1ST  year Student,
Alagappa Chettiar College of Engineering and Technology,

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